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Liberal Tears  Slim Can Beersy Sleeve

Liberal Tears Slim Can Beersy Sleeve

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Beersy Hide a Beer Silicone Covers

Designed to fully cover most standard 12fl oz beer cans, Beersy’s hide a beer silicone covers are perfect for outdoor adventures, parties, sporting events, and more! Enjoy your beverages responsibly while having fun. Our silicone Beersy koozies come in a variety of different off-brand designs, allowing you to drink with ease while staying out of trouble! Bring your favorite alcoholic drinks with you wherever you go. And with free shipping and our 100% life-time guarantee, our Beersy’s hide a beer silicone covers and slim koozies make for the perfect gag gifts for your friends and family.

Not a big beer fan? Not a problem! We design our slim silicone sleeves to fit snuggly over White Claw, Truly, and Michelob cans. You are sure to find the perfect disguise for your favorite alcoholic beverages. Order your own Beersy cover today!

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