Prank Package Instructions

Thanks for your interest in our prank packages. There are a few steps to follow to ensure you order correctly. 

1. Only order one prank per order if you are trying to prank a friend. If you order more than one it will all be sent in ONE shipment and NOT separate orders. If you want to send multiple pranks to the same person or separate people you need to make multiple orders.

2. If you want to ship the prank package to yourself so that you can ship on your own terms please select the "send to yourself" option.

3. There is not a special spot to for shipping addresses. You need to put the name and address of the victim in the shipping spot and use your info as billing. If you make an address mistake you can change the address on the CONFIRMATION EMAIL for the order or shoot us an email at 

4. If you want to guarantee it gets dropped off on the victims front porch you need to order through UPS. USPS may just put the package inside the mailbox unless you add signature required.


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